Sunday, April 3, 2011

A new Doctor...a new surgery...a new day?

Well lots has happened since I have been here....I called and reported to Dr. Williams that the shots did not really help...they kept wanting to pin point me down to a percentage or something and the only thing I can tell them is the steroid shot dulled the pain...It did not take it is still there, I still cannot stand to clean my whole kitchen...I still hurt when I get up and legs still do not want to move as fast as they used to...they feel like they have minds of thier is hard to any rate it seems because I did not tell them that I got atleast 50% relief from the shot they are not sure what to do with me so....I am off to see another Doctor...A Dr. Lemma....he is a big Orthopedic somebody at John Hopkins.....and a collegue of Dr.Nair....Dr.Nair said he would like to have a consult with Dr. Lemma and they they would decide what to do with he said that he was not sure surgery would help at this point at which point I asked him "So, what I live on pain pills the rest of my life?" His answer was "I don't know".....again I have been crushed. There doesn't seem to be light at the end of this tunnel. I have an appointment this Wednesday the 6th to seen Dr. Lemma....and Dr. Nair said that I could plan on surgery a week we will see what is going on then I guess. I seem to have all this crap to face and it seems to be out of my hands....I am tired of dealing with the CES...there has been so real change in that except today I noticed the my right butt cheek was numb...that is toes feel like little fat sausages...and my legs are numb....sooooooooo hi ho hi ho it's off to ortho I guess you have to laugh about it...I am tired of crying...simply tired of it.....more later......

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